I'm thinking about Organizing My....



It’s important that things in a kitchen be located intuitively…silverware near the table, cookware easily accessible to the stove, glasses within easy reach of the fridge. Your kitchen organization should reflect your household priorities, with frequently used items in the easy to reach cabinets and drawers and those that are used less often stowed further away. Let’s clear clutter off kitchen countertops and tables so that your kitchen can fulfill its true purpose…to feed your family!


How many cars are supposed to fit in your garage? Almost immediately upon moving into a new home, garages become the catchall location for lots of stuff you don’t want in the house and the stuff often lives there and accumulates for many years. Yet many of us drive in and out multiple times a day, greeted by the disorder in our garages. Let’s maximize the storage capacity of your garage walls so you can have a VIP parking spot every time you come home!

Living/Family Room

These spaces almost always have multiple uses, so they have to both look nice and function well. You do everything in your family room, from entertaining friends to watching TV to folding laundry and storing old photo albums. Give the heart of your home some attention so it can be the multipurpose space you need while still looking good for company!

Home Office

Master the control center of your home! When every piece of paper, every office supply, and every miscellaneous charging cable has a place, you can be more productive in your home office. Home offices never seem to get the love that business offices get, yet their role in the household is critical. The complexities of multiple family members sharing this space or there being another desk in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house can be managed so that your household runs more efficiently.


One of these days, you are going to open the closet door (you know which one I mean) and something is going to fall off a top shelf and hit you on the head. Oh, that’s already happened and you just threw it back up there hoping it would stay this time? Ok, then. You’re good.


Whether you are a computer nerd (like me) or still handwrite addresses and phone numbers in your little black book, we can explore the possibilities of using technology to get organized. Working within your comfort zone, I can help you do more with your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Are you scared of your basement or attic? 94% of people say they are (ok, that’s not a real statistic…I just made it up, but you get the point)! I am in that (made up) 6% of the fearless! Let’s clear out what you no longer need to make room for stuff you will no longer need ten years from now! But seriously, storage spaces are important for helping keep the living areas of the house organized, so they are great places to store lots of things that you use infrequently.

Small Business

Being in your own business can be stressful! Having organized systems in place to help your business run smoothly helps decrease stress so you can focus on providing great service or products to your customers! Get your desk, files, inventory, supplies and anything else that lands in your office, organized in a way that enables you and your employees to have what you need at your fingertips at all times.


When the Neatnik magic wand is waved over your children, it will make them love to clean up their playroom! Especially the tiniest pieces of lego, doll shoes and arts & crafts googley eyes! Poof! Meanwhile, back in reality…why should you bother organizing the playroom when the kids are just going to mess it up again in a matter of minutes? Because by organizing it and teaching them how to keep it organized, you are helping them learn habits that will last a lifetime. Children feel secure when there is structure in their world. Creating environments that encourage kids to play, create, pretend and then clean up is one of my specialties.


Where did the day go and why is my “to do” list still so long? How can I make my days more efficient? How can I balance responsibilities at home and at work? Do my days reflect my priorities? How can I make sure I am getting the most important things done before the less important things? Why do I always feel like I am running late? If these are things you ask yourself regularly, let’s do a time management inventory together. By rethinking the ways you organize your time, you could find ways to increase your productivity and decrease stress.


Who decided it was a good idea to have a wide open cabinet under bathroom sinks? And how much of what is in your bathroom do you actually use regularly? Organizing bathrooms is all about having the things you use daily at your fingertips and creating storage solutions for the rest of the stuff. Let’s clear off the vanity and shave time off your morning routine!


You have a computer, so you have a paperless life, right? Wrong. There seems to be more paper than ever and some of it is really important. We can work together to create a system that is easy for you to use and maintain. Whether you already have a filing system you want to improve upon or you want to start from scratch, you will reap the benefits of this project for years to come!

Special Projects and Transitions

Planning a big event is stressful, but being organized about it can decrease that stress and enable you to spend more time focusing on the important aspects! Whether you are already part way into your planning or just about to get started, Neatnik can help you manage the paperwork, set goals, find or create task lists, keep track of deadlines and feel confident you’ve covered all of the details.

Getting organized before you move is a great way to save money by only moving the stuff you plan to keep! This is especially true if you are “downsizing.” These transitions offer perfect opportunities to get organized and start fresh in your new space. It's especially important to organize before a renovation project. You may find you think about the space differently when you have taken the time to really consider your life functions and storage needs. What? You already moved or renovated and didn’t consult an organizer? No problem! Let’s get your new space looking and feeling great together.