Laura Kaufman, Owner of Neatnik organizing

So, who the heck is this crazy person who actually enjoys cleaning out closets?!

I will do my best to explain how I came to this wacky, wonderful profession…

As a kid, I used to enjoy moving the furniture around in my room, separating my M&Ms by color and preparing my binders for the first day of school.  When I got older, I would volunteer to pack the car with all of the suitcases for a trip or rearrange the fridge in order to fit all of the leftovers after a holiday meal.  But, my quirky interest in all things neat started to become useful as I embarked on adulthood.

I began my career as an elementary school teacher and later became a school psychologist, so my academic expertise is all about how people think and learn.  When I decided to try organizing, I figured I was leaving my “real” career behind.  But, it didn’t take long for me to realize that being a good organizing coach was closely related to both teaching and psychology!  My training enables me listen to my clients’ needs and help them learn organizing methods that are compatible with how they think.  My services are very individualized and I work side-by-side with my clients every step of the way.

In my free time, you can often find me in a dance/Zumba class or on a tennis court.  Although, truth be told, exercise is not my thing, I really enjoy playing Mah Jongg (an ancient Chinese tile game) and participating in book club.  Technology is another area of interest for me.  I love my computer, ipad and iphone and am happy to play with them endlessly!  I like to use them to keep organized too.

My B.S. is in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University and my M.Ed. is in School Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  I grew up in the northern suburbs of New York, but have also lived in Manhattan (with very little storage space), in south Florida (with not much more storage) and just outside of Dallas, Texas (finally…LOTS of space!).  My amazing husband, John, is thankfully a pretty organized guy and my two teenage sons, have survived having me as a mother so far!  Oh, and I have a really cute dog whose name is Roni, pronounced like MacaRONI because, yes, she was named for my son’s favorite dinner.

Friends and clients would describe me as supportive, smart, funny, open-minded, and maybe a little nerdy!  I enjoy lots of different kinds of people and I appreciate everyone for their strengths.  Many of my clients have talents that I don’t, for example, in creative or artistic endeavors.   I look forward to meeting you and sharing my excitement about getting organized!